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Financial Planning

At Harbor, we are proud of the high quality financial planning that sets us apart from other firms.

Financial planning is often explored for life events such as saving for college and retirement. A job change, business sale, or inheritance comes with many questions. Financial planning also allows for the pursuit of hobbies, travel, and your unique lifestyle.

Our certified financial planners start with you: your goals, your needs, your attitudes and your opinions. Building upon this foundation, we work closely with your other advisors to deliver a custom comprehensive plan.

The plan is not the final product, but rather the proverbial first step. Our certified financial planners continue working closely with our clients to build and solidify the fiduciary relationship that comes from handling their financial affairs.

We believe that the implementation of the plan is as equally important as its development and delivery. These steps go hand-in-hand, and we work diligently to ensure that your financial plan continues moving forward, closer to your goals and dreams.

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